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Our mission at CFM is to provide quality insurance at a competitive price and to offer personal, friendly and dependable service. As a company deeply embedded in its community, we are committed to protecting the ever-changing needs of our policyholders, no matter where life takes them. There is no stronger testament to our dedication than our continued progressive outlook and financial stability in this industry.

Today, nearly 150 years after our founding, CFM is the oldest farm mutual in the State of Missouri and the longest-running business in Lafayette County. We are equipped with the latest technology, products, and services to keep our business in sync with today’s insurance standards. CFM believes that lasting relationships are built from shared values, honesty, and trust, and has worked hard to establish a network of independent insurance agencies across the state who share the same vision.

Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or renter, it’s our promise to provide you with top-of-the-line coverage at an unparalleled price, giving you the confidence and security you deserve from your insurance provider.

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What the hail is going on? Learn the true causes of hail damage, how to spot it, and preventative measures you can take to protect your home.

AdobeStock_134916071 April showers bring May flowers, and hail - lots and lots of hail. Midwesterners know all too well that when the weather changes during the spring and summer months, unpredictable storms pop up everywhere, and often times, they produce hail. While hailstorms vary in severity, they often cause noticeable damage to your home, vehicles, and other personal property. As property owners, it's important to understand the main factors that affect the type and degree of damage caused by a hailstorm:

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7 Ways To Kick Allergies Out Of Your Home This Spring

AdobeStock_186441838 Nobody wants to spend their spring sniffling, sneezing, and constantly muttering "No, I'm not crying, it's just my allergies." But sadly, this is the reality for so many when spring arrives. While we can't tell you how to tackle those invisible irritants while you're out and about, we can help you kick them out of your home. So we've come up with these tips sure to banish allergens from your humble abode for good (or at least until next spring).

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13 Ways To Prep Your Home For Storm Season

AdobeStock_72328507  Ah, spring... it brings warmer weather (at least in the afternoon hours), pretty flowers, and green grass. While it's no secret that spring can be a beautiful thing 80% of the time, the remainder is often spent enduring some of the year's most damaging storms. In fact, last year's spring storm season alone racked up over $5 billion worth of claims for the property/casualty insurance market across the Midwest.

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