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Our mission at CFM is to provide quality insurance at a competitive price and to offer personal, friendly and dependable service. As a company deeply embedded in its community, we are committed to protecting the ever-changing needs of our policyholders, no matter where life takes them. There is no stronger testament to our dedication than our continued progressive outlook and financial stability in this industry.

Today, nearly 150 years after our founding, CFM is the oldest farm mutual in the State of Missouri and the longest-running business in Lafayette County. We are equipped with the latest technology, products, and services to keep our business in sync with today’s insurance standards. CFM believes that lasting relationships are built from shared values, honesty, and trust, and has worked hard to establish a network of independent insurance agencies across the state who share the same vision.

Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or renter, it’s our promise to provide you with top-of-the-line coverage at an unparalleled price, giving you the confidence and security you deserve from your insurance provider.

Welcome to a company owned by its policyholders since 1869!

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How Missouri's Youth In Agriculture Not Only Stole The Show, But Our Hearts At The 2019 Sale Of Champions

Gage-Baker-Sale-of-Champions-Missouri-State-Fair-2019 Let us just start by saying: If you've never been to the Missouri State Fair, you're missing out! From the epic carnival rides and addictive fair food to the prize-winning animals, informative exhibits, and sold-out concerts - the Missouri State Fair never fails to serve up memorable experiences for visitors, young and old.

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We Insure Countryside: Protect The Country Life You Love With CFM Countryside Insurance [Infographic]

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 2.13.45 PM Whether you were born and raised in the country - or you've just recently become hooked on the country way of life - you know firsthand that country folks live better than most. You can't get enough of the peace and quiet, coupled with the incredibly fresh air. You look forward to the uninterrupted views of breathtaking sunrises in the morning, followed by a sky full of twinkling stars in the night. You have an unexplainable appreciation for the land and all it produces - especially the heaps of fresh fruits and veggies grown straight from your own garden. Most of all, you enjoy being able to go outside at any time of day, looking like a hot mess, knowing that no one (except the cows) will ever witness it. If that's not freedom in its highest form, we don't know what is.

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